650 people attend Norwich’s Job Fair

Over 650 people attended Norwich’s Job fair at the Forum on the 19th of April.

People from all over Norfolk attended today’s Norwich Job Fair at the Forum in hopes to find a job. With companies such as Jarrolds, Santander and John Lewis looking for employees. Hopes were high.

Patricia Sánchez, who works as a bartender at a Hotel in Norwich said “I studied tourism at uni back in Spain. I’m hoping to find a job in the reception of a hotel or at a travel agency. For the moment I’ve dropped a couple of CV’s and I’m feeling hopeful. I think this is a great opportunity for people to come over and see what jobs are there and talk to the recruiters directly”

The Job fair is organised by the Jobsfair. The company that is based in Norwich, has had over 218 fairs and counting since they started in 2010 and has a large following on social media. Freya Riseborough a representative of the company said “Job fairs are an excellent way to get a job. You meet the recruiters face to face, advice on how to apply and who to talk to.”

The next Job Fair in Norwich will be on the 1st of July at the Forum.


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