13 reasons why

Netflix’s latest TV show, 13 Reason’s Why, tries to show every aspect of High School drama.

The show is based on the 2007 novel, with the same name, written by Jay Asher and the premise its simple: a 17 year old, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), has killed herslef. She leaves behind 13 tapes, where she narrates everything that has led her to that decision. Each side of the 13 tapes are directed to one particular person, they must listen and then pass them on to the next person.

The series follows two timelines: the past, where we see how Hannah is pushed to make the decision she makes, and the present, where Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) tries to unravel the mystery and avenge his friend.

This is probably the first Netflix show that is not designed to binge. It’s dark, twisted and we see how rumours spread and affect people, and mostly how holding secrets can create an unrepairable damage. The show depicts some of the worst acts people can do and it shows them graphically: rape, murder and suicide.

The acting is superb, Dylan Minnette portrays the awkward dork perfectly and shows how Clay struggles to cope with the loss of his friends. Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) is hard to watch as Hannah’s mother as she grieves and uncovers what drove her daughter to her decision.

The only issue that I find with the story is that you can’t empathize with Hannah, the adults in this story don’t seem very involved and weren’t paying attention in what’s going on in the kids’ lives until it’s too late and finally, Hannah’s death is extremely graphic and the camera doesn’t shy away from it.

The show examines in detail on how we hurt each other, on purpose or not and this is what brings the story to life, filling it with brutal honesty and that is what brings 13 reasons why to life.

The show is produced by Selena Gomez, written and created by Brian Yorkey.

13 Reasons Why is on Netflix now. If you need help or know anyone who needs help, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123.



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