Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty

Election day is finally here

It has been a long campaign to choose the new president of the US. After more than a year of campaigning for the position both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are waiting for the results.

This campaign has been different from the rest. On the Democratic side you have Hilary Clinton, who has served  the people for over 30 years and represents the political establishment. On the Republican side you have Donald Trump, TV personality, real estate mogul and billionaire business man,  whose campaign has been everything but conventional.

Polls opened this morning at 6 ET, with the states  of New York, Connecticut, part of Kentucky, part of Indiana, Maine, New Jersey and Virginia.

Polls from both FiveThirtyEight and Reuters give Hilary Clinton a clear win of the election, but predictions can sometimes go wrong as proven recently with the Brexit Vote.

In a rally in Philadelphia President Obama asked the people to vote for Clinton “Philadelphia, in this place where our founders forged the documents of freedom, in this place where they gave us the tools to perfect our union, if you share my faith then I ask you to vote,”

This morning, the Republican Candidate Donald Trump said to Fox News “I see so many hopes and so many dreams that didn’t happen that could have happened with proper leadership. People are hurting, veterans are hurting … they’ve been hurt so badly, being taken care of so badly. It’s very sad. At the same time, our country has such tremendous potential.” He also said that he would be paying special attention to the states of North Carolina and Florida, where he expects to win.

Hilary Clinton held a midnight rally at Raleigh, North Carolina. “I want to be president for all Americans, not just some. Not just the people that support me,” said Clinton. “I believe it’s the most important election of our lifetime,” she said. “It’s not just my name or Donald Trump’s name on the ballot, it’s the kind of country you want.”

This campaign has been marked with personal attacks, scandals and constant issues with each other. Tensions are high, the result won’t make everyone happy but at least it will bring some much needed rest from this long campaign.


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