UEA Student left hanging at Thorpe Park

Last week a UEA (University of East Anglia) student and her partner were left hanging upside down on the Saw Ride at Thorpe Park. The incident occurred on Saturday the 8th of October around 12.40pm, just an hour after they had arrived at the park.

Victoria Pertusa, who is currently studying a Masters at UEA, arrived at Thorpe Park at about 11 am after a 3 hour journey from Norwich. After going on one attraction, they got on the Saw Ride. Three-quarters of the way round the Ride it suddenly stopped. This left Victoria and the other passengers stuck at an angle with their heads slightly below the rest of their bodies, at about 15 metres from the floor. They were left in this position for around 90 minutes before they were rescued.

During that time they were extremely uncomfortable; became very dizzy and dazed and suffered from very sore necks, shoulders and upper bodies. Arthur Wells, Victoria´s partner said “While we were there, it rained lightly; there were numerous wasps to contend with and very bright clouds which caused us temporary sun blindness as that was all we could see.”

While stuck on the attraction, the operators tried to restart the ride with no luck. As the car raised about 6 inches before it fell back to its original position causing more distress and pain.

Then they were informed that they would have to be removed from the Ride in its current position. After securing the attraction, two more operatives arrived to take Victoria and the other passengers off the Ride. This was achieved by lifting the restraints off the rider and slipping a single loop harness around the waist, connected to two strops tied to the scissor lift and to the rails. Each rider then had to climb from their seat and move across the car, over a 10 metre drop and onto a scissor lift; causing further stress and anxiety to the passengers.

Once on the scissor lift, the passengers were taken down to the ground and were seen by a member of the Park’s Guest Services. They were also checked over by a medic but only after it was requested by the passengers.

In total, it took the Park’s staff some 1 hour 45 minutes to get everyone off the Ride billed as the “World’s Most Terrifying Rollercoaster”.

“We are very disappointed with Thorpe Park’s Customer Service. Once we were off the rollercoaster they offered us a fast pass and a food voucher, when we said we wanted our money back, they invited us to leave. As we had just arrived we decided to stay, because we had just driven three hours to get there and we were still shaken about the incident. We didn’t want to drive another 3 hours still feeling dizzy and confused” Victoria told us later that week. The day went on without any more incidents.


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