UEA Equestrian team trials set to be a massive success

14361206_1128606267217007_423415193726578580_o.jpgUEA Equestrian team trials will be held at Weston Equestrian Centre on Wednesday the 5th and 12th October with over forty students competing to form the BUCS (British Universities and College Sports)       teams. In the end, only eight of them will be selected. Due to the amount of participants this year, the trials have had to be split. This means that both the dressage and showjumping will take place on the same day.

Team Captain Chelsea Cordell and BUC’s Coach Tamsin Conyers, will consider each student who wants to form part of the team based both on their riding capability as well as compatibility with both team mates and horses. “Anyone who wants to try out is welcome, but they have to be able to walk, trot, canter and be able to jump 1m comfortably. The test will consist of a 30 min lesson” said Team Captain Chelsea Cordell.

UEA Equestrian Coach, Tamsin Conyers said: “I’m looking forward to the trials. I want to see the level that we have this year. I’m very excited to see the different styles of riding, especially as this year we have so many international riders from many different countries, such as Spain, Holland, and The United States and working with all these personalities and styles, to hopefully have a winning team this year.”

The University Equestrian team consists of two teams Team A and Team B. Each team will compete against other universities in their BUCS League. Both teams will compete in dressage and showjumping. The season goes from November to March and both teams will compete in four events, each hosted by a different university. Whilst riding at the UEA training centre, the team will have the advantage of knowing the horses but when they compete at the other universities, they will be riding unknown horses. Fortunately, all horses are assigned randomly to their riders, giving everyone the same possibilities.


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