Norwich’s first science festival

Norwich’s first Science Festival is a celebration of ground breaking scientific research associated with the city and is a partnership involving many organisations from across the region. The event is being held at the Forum from the 18th till the 30th of October and is for all age groups and all levels of knowledge and interest, with events ranging from pre-school play sessions to evening lectures; it is full of activities for all the family.

Norwich’s Science Festival gathers ground breaking scientific research associated with the city, and is a partnership initiative involving many organizations from across the Region, such as University of East Anglia, The John Innes centre, The BBC and many more, all being coordinated by the Forum Trust.

Mike Birch, Norse Group Managing Director said “Science, engineering and technology all impact on the Norse Group, both directly as skills within our own workforce or as core services within a number of our suppliers. The Norwich Science Festival, creating as it does a platform that enables students to present science, engineering and technology projects to their peers, and to engage with professionals in the related sectors, is an innovative approach to increasing awareness of, and interest in these disciplines and their practical application. Skills in these sectors will play an increasingly important and significant role in our future and Norse Group is therefore pleased to be able to support the 2016 Norwich Science Festival.”

The first week of the festival offered the opportunity for students to get hands on with several experiments at many different levels with interactive sessions that explain science through storytelling, physical drama and art. There were also talks from scientist Steve Allman and BBC One Show’s Dr Marty Jopson.

Lindsey Roffe, The Forum’s Marketing manager said “the first week was only open for local schools and we had over 2,000 students, learning all about science. The second week is opened to the public and every day there is a difference type of event, today is physics day, tomorrow is biology day and so on. There are also evening events all over the city, screenings at cinema city, talks. We are hoping it’s a complete success and we are able to repeat it next year with the help of the partners involved.”

On an average day The Forum has thousands of visitors, during the Festival, which also happens to be during half term, they are hoping to get tens of thousands of people involved, Lindsey Roffe added “we can’t tell how many people visit us, but because it is half term, we are expecting over ten thousand visitors per day”.

The Forum Trust is a self-financing, independent charity. The Trust manages The Forum building in the centre of Norwich, and works with partners to deliver and support a wide programme of events, celebrating education and learning, local heritage and culture, both at The Forum and across Norfolk.

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